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Lifeguru provides a wide range of services to fulfill the various astrological needs of its consumers. It provides zodiac predictions for different aspects of life, such as career, relationships, health, and personal development, on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Our goal at Lifeguru is to help people grow personally and understand life. We are devoted to upholding the highest moral standards in all of our operations and to protecting the deep belief of Vedic astrology.

Our app, where you can locate 100+ authentic and verified astrologers, has already been downloaded and used by 10,000+ satisfied and active users.

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Discover the Power of Vedic Astrology with Lifeguru

Ever been curious about how the dance of stars and planets might whisper secrets about your destiny? Dive into the mesmerizing world of astrology, a timeless craft that's enchanted countless souls across ages.

With LifeGuru, you're not just reading the stars; you're charting your life's course with their wisdom. Our seasoned astrologers, steeped in the depths of Vedic knowledge, are here to guide you, uniquely tailoring their insights just for you. Come, let's set sail on a voyage of self-awareness and unveil the magic within.

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Why our astrologers are the best

Astrologers at LifeGuru are famous for their profound wisdom and skill, fusing age-old practices with innovative understanding to deliver precise and comprehensive advice. Their commitment to authenticity and ongoing education guarantees that people seeking astrological knowledge receive superior assistance.

Love and relationship Guidance

Using the birth charts for you and your spouse, determine your compatibility. You can learn helpful tips for enhancing your bond with your partner and developing a stronger connection. Discover the wedding possibilities and get advice on picking the best companion and the ideal moment to tie the knot.

Career and Business Guidance

Discover your career path and the jobs that are best for you as per your birth chart. Explore the possibilities of your business endeavors and get advice on how to decide what's best for your company. Also, stabilize your finances over the long run and improve your financial status.

Health and personality Guidance

Our qualified astrologers can offer insights into your general health and well-being, detect prospective health difficulties, and recommend preventive measures. Get customized time-tested, and effective treatments for your particular health issues, such as gemstones, mantras, and lifestyle adjustments that reduce stress and promote mental wellness.

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Why choose LifeGuru as your online astrologer chat platform?

LifeGuru offers a seamless interface for real-time astrology consultations, prioritizing user experience and accuracy. This platform connects you with seasoned astrologers who can guide you through life's challenges.

How do we help you attain success in every field of life?

LifeGuru's astrologers employ a holistic approach, blending ancient wisdom with modern insights. Their guidance aims to balance your life's energies, enabling you to unlock potential and tackle hurdles head-on.

What is our mission as life gurus for our customers?

At LifeGuru, our mission is more than just prediction; it's about empowering individuals. We strive to offer tools, insights, and wisdom to help customers navigate their journey and make informed decisions.

How can a customer trust our services?

Integrity and transparency are at LifeGuru's core. We maintain a strict code of ethics among our astrologers and ensure all consultations are confidential. Testimonials and feedback from our vast clientele stand testament to our credibility and dedication.

Other Services with Lifeguru

Janam Kundli

Vedic astrology's crucial process of janam kundli matching examines a couple's suitability based on their birth charts. It influences how well and harmoniously their future marriage will work out. To give you the most accurate and trustworthy evaluation of your future life partner, our qualified astrologers at Lifeguru consider numerous elements, including gunas and doshas.

Kundli Matching

Kundli matching can assist in identifying potential problems and conflicts that might develop in a relationship between two people by looking at various features of their birth charts. Our Kundli matching for wedding service at LifeGuru employs a thorough examination of gunas (qualities) and doshas (flaws) to give you the most precise and trustworthy matchmaking expertise.


Your zodiac sign-specific daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly horoscope forecasts are offered by Lifeguru. Our horoscopes provide helpful guidance for overcoming life's obstacles by providing insights into every part of your existence.

Our daily horoscopes are customized to meet your specific goals, whether you're an Aries looking for love advice, a Taurus looking for insight into your money, or a Gemini hoping to advance your job.

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Lifeguru is an online resource created to offer thorough Vedic astrological analysis to our esteemed clients. Our main objective is to use the knowledge of Vedic astrology to assist people in understanding their life, making wise decisions, and achieving personal progress.

We work hard to meet the requirements of our users by providing a wide range of services, such as horoscope forecasts , Kundli generation and matching, and consultations with qualified astrologers and tarot reading experts.


Can I chat with an astrologer for free?


Lifeguru does away with the requirement for consultations and protracted wait times. Get immediate answers to your inquiries from our astrologers while you don’t have to pay.

Is the first chat on LifeGuru free?


Utilize a free astrology chat session to learn more about LifeGuru. App platform. To start your free consultation, install our app, register, and select an astrologer to connect with.

Can astrologers' predictions go wrong?


Yes, astrological predictions can be inaccurate for several reasons, including misinterpretation and the inherent unpredictability of astrological systems. You may rely on LifeGuru to get an accurate answer from qualified astrologers.

How do I contact an astrologer?


You can download our app, register, and begin conversing with an astrologer to enjoy a complimentary consultation.

Why LifeGuru is the best platform to chat with an astrologer?


Our astrologers are expert, reputed, and experienced. To ensure that you receive accurate predictions, every astrologer goes through a stringent screening process. Furthermore, every correspondence between you and our astrologers is secure and confidential.