Tarot Cards - Introduction to Tarot Reading


Welcome to the world of tarot cards, where each card holds a unique significance. These cards serve as a bridge to understanding your inner world, encapsulating your dreams, challenges, emotions, and potential paths. A tarot reading can provide essential insights about your life, aiding in overcoming difficulties, decision-making, and gaining a more profound comprehension of your life's trajectory. Regardless of your questions or the guidance you seek, tarot cards offer a meaningful guide, lighting the path toward your personal goals.

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LifeGuru brings you an expert panel of tarot readers experienced in deciphering the messages of the tarot to connect the spiritual and your daily life. With their intuitive abilities, extensive tarot knowledge, and years of practice, they shed light on your intricate life situations, guiding you toward more informed choices.

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What is Tarot Reading?


Tarot reading is an ancient spiritual practice, using a unique deck of cards to gain an understanding of various life aspects. It emerged in 15th-century Europe and was later recognized as a tool for divination and guidance, particularly by the Romani people.

Benefits of Tarot Reading

A tarot reading unfolds the secrets of your subconscious, providing solutions to personal issues, unveiling hidden aspects of situations, and offering guidance on your life's path. It can also contribute to personal development by boosting your intuition and self-awareness.

Significance of Tarot Reading in History

In historical context, tarot cards have been revered as significant divination tools. From the noble courts of Renaissance Italy to the enchanting caravans of Romani fortune-tellers, the tarot has been a beacon of guidance and prophecy for centuries.

Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Cards

The tarot deck is a beautifully curated collection of 78 cards, categorised into two main groups known as the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, each symbolising a profound life event or phase. These cards don't represent the routine happenings of everyday life; instead, they depict significant milestones and spiritual lessons we encounter on our life journey. They carry powerful messages and profound meanings. From "The Fool," representing new beginnings, to "The World," symbolising fulfilment, each Major Arcana card has a story and lesson to teach.

On the other hand, the Minor Arcana comprises 56 cards that deal with the nitty-gritty of our day-to-day life. They are divided into four suits—Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles—each corresponding to a specific aspect of human life. Cups generally relate to emotions and relationships, Swords to thoughts and conflicts, Wands to actions and creativity, and Pentacles to material parts and work.

For instance, the "Three of Cups" typically denotes celebration and friendship, while the "Ten of Swords" might suggest betrayal or the end of a difficult period.

How to Do a Tarot Reading Yourself

Here's a simple guide on how to start.

  • Understanding the Tarot Deck:

    Before anything else, familiarise yourself with the tarot deck. A standard deck consists of 78 cards divided into Major and Minor Arcana. Spend time with each card, observe the imagery, symbols, colours, and how they resonate with you.

  • Learning Card Meanings:

    Each card in a tarot deck has its unique meaning, which can change depending on its position (upright or reversed) in a spread. Start by learning the Major Arcana's fundamental purposes, then gradually move onto the Minor Arcana. There are plenty of books and online resources to assist you with this.

  • Developing Your Intuition:

    Tarot reading is not just about understanding the standard meanings of the cards but also tuning into your intuition. Meditation can be a powerful tool to help develop your intuitive abilities. Pay attention to your initial reaction or emotions when you draw a card. Trust your gut feelings.

  • Learning Tarot Spreads:

    A 'spread' refers to the pattern in which you lay out the cards for a reading. Different spreads are used for different types of tasks. The simplest one is the 'Three Card Spread', where the first card represents the past, the second one is the present, and the third one is the future. As you advance, you can try out more complex spreads.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice:

    The more you practise, the more comfortable you'll get with the cards. Start by doing readings for yourself. As you gain confidence, you can practise reading for others.

  • Keeping a Tarot Journal:

    This can be incredibly beneficial for beginners. Document each reading, noting the cards drawn, their positions, your interpretation, and how it aligns with your situation or question. Over time, you'll start to see patterns and develop a deeper understanding of how the tarot speaks to you.

Tarot Card Reading Services

LifeGuru offers a wide range of tarot card reading services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it's love, relationships, career, or personal growth, our expert readers can guide you. We've also introduced Horoscope 2023 readings, to help you sail smoothly through the upcoming year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is tarot reading?


The accuracy of a tarot reading depends a lot on the skills of the person doing the homework, their interpretation of the cards, and how open you are to the process. Remember, a tarot is a tool to guide you, not a magic crystal ball that predicts the future with absolute certainty.

What can I expect from a Tarot Reading session?


During a tarot reading, you can expect to get some insights or advice about different parts of your life. This could be about personal matters like love and relationships or more practical things like career choices. The session should give you some clarity and guidance.

How does tarot reading work?


Tarot reading works by connecting with your subconscious mind. This part of you holds your deepest thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The cards help bring these subconscious thoughts to the surface, giving you insights and guidance you may not have realized were there.

When will I meet my soulmate, tarot reading?


Tarot can provide some clues about your love life but can't give an exact date or time when you'll meet your soulmate. However, it can help you understand the type of energy you should be looking for or the steps you might need to take to find your soulmate.

How to do a daily tarot reading?


To do a daily tarot reading, choose one card daily and try to understand what its message means for you. This can be an excellent way to start the day with some guidance or reflection.

How to learn tarot card reading for free?


You can learn to read tarot cards for free by using online resources, reading books, and practising with your deck of tarot cards. It takes time and patience, but you can become good at it with practice.