The Astrology Success Guide: Nurturing Your Child's Bright Future!

Discover your child's natural personality traits, health insights, and the career path that aligns with their Janam Kundli in the realm of Vedic Astrology.

Child Astrology

Child Astrology By Date Of Birth? Really?

Astrology can offer insights into a child's personality, strengths, and challenges by examining the positions of planetary bodies at the time of their birth. Understanding a child's astrological profile can help parents analyze their approach to better support their unique traits and tendencies.

This knowledge can encourage effective parenting, promote healthy child development, and enhance the parent-child relationship.
The report's 40+ pages reveal the following:

Baby Horoscope By Date Of Birth And Time

Baby Horoscope by Accurate Date and Time: Discover Your Baby's Destiny!

Personality Traits

Personality Traits: What Makes You Unique?

Astrology and Dosha Detection for Children

Get your child's cosmic potential: Astrology and Dasha detection for a brighter future

Inner Orientation & Values

Revealing Personality Traits: What Makes You Unique?

Health & Wellness

Put health and wellness first for a happy life!

Best-Suited Career

Set Out on the Road to Success with the Ideal Profession!

Gemstones & Lucky Colors

Your secret weapons for success are gemstones and lucky colors!

Starry dreams: Custom Planet Profiles for Kids

Nurture their curiosity and explore the universe of possibilities with a personalized planet profile crafted just for your child

Here is a glimpse of what you will receive:

Your Child's Astrology Report is like a special map that helps you understand your child better. It tells you what the stars and planets were doing when your baby was born, which can help you understand his/her personality and traits. The report breaks down the information into different sections, like a birth chart analysis that shows the positions of the planets, zodiac sign influences that explain your child's nature, and planetary aspects that reveal how different planets work together.

It's super accurate because it's based on your child's birthdate, time, and place. To get a report, you just need to provide this information, and our expert astrologers can help you. When the report is ready, you can use it as a reference to help you better understand your kids as they mature. It's like having access to a personal handbook for your child.

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Why is LifeGuru unique as a platform?

Years Of Professionalism

No similar report like ours available in the other astrology platforms! Vedic astrology is simplified for parents who wish to get a head start on bonding more deeply with their child!

Zero Hidden Cost

We won't ever pressure you to use astrological remedies. In order to help you as a parent make the best decisions for your child, our report offers significant astrological advice.

Exclusive Child Astro Report

Your child's personality, behavior, strengths, challenges, and much more will all be covered in our report, which will also help you understand what your child needs to succeed in life.

Customized Report Delivered By Expert Astrologers

We provide you with the most precise, thorough, and individualized horoscope report for your child, provided in 48 hours, using time-tested Vedic astrology principles.

Baby Names Based On Date Of Birth

Choose the name that will bring your child the most success by researching the best alphabets, syllables, and sounds based on their individual horoscope!

Absolute Jargon-Free

Instead of offering you numerous pages of complicated charts and formulas that you have no need for, our astrologers speak in simple language.

We are aware you only want the best for your child.
Here's what the parents say !

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Divisional birth charts and kundlis

  • Lagna Chart
  • Moon Chart
  • Navamsha Chart
  • Chalit Chart
  • Planetary Positions

Horoscopic Analysis

  • Lord Planet
  • Deity
  • House Cusps and Sandhi
  • KP Planetary Details
  • Bhinnashtak Varga
  • Sarvashtak Varga

Personality and Special Quality

  • Personality and natural traits
  • Physical Qualities
  • Life with friends and relatives
  • Hobbies in the workplace
  • Biorhythemic Predictions
  • Personality Report based on the Nakshatra

Health & Wellness

  • The Ayurvedic Dosha of your kid
  • Body flaws and strong points
  • Gana/ Nature of your Child
  • Guna/ Quality of your Child
  • General Nakshatra Report

Professional Aspirations

  • Study and Work Balance

Astrology Dasha and Dosha

  • Vishomattri Dasha
  • Yogini Dasha
  • Char Dasha
  • Kalsarp Dosha
  • Manglik Dosha
  • Sadhesati Dosha

Gemstones & Lucky Colors

  • Gemstone Suggestions
  • LifeStone
  • Rudrakha Report

Numerology Report

  • Numerlogy Report - Know about Favourable mantra, lord, timings and more
  • Western Numerology
  • Favourable Points
  • Ascendant Report

Personalized Planet Profile

  • Starry dreams: Custom Planet Profiles for Kids
  • Postive and Negative Traits

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If you have high aspirations for your child, this astrology report is for you.

You want to get off to the best possible start with your child.
You are aware that every child is special and needs to be loved and cared for as an individual.
You want a unique, only available on this website, tailored astrology report for your child.
You want to benefit from discovering amazing secrets about your child's personality according to Vedic astrology.
You are aware of the value of knowledge.
You want to help your child develop their talents and skills, but you are unsure of what they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which house and planet is the root of child astrology?


The 5th house of the parent symbolizes children. The moon controls a kid's emotions, instincts, and early personality development, that is important in child's astrology. The character and potential of a kid are also influenced in diverse ways by other planets mainly Jupiter.

Is child astrology accurate?


Child astrology, like all forms of astrology, is a matter of personal belief, and its accuracy is subjective, with opinions varying widely among individuals. Some find it insightful and resonant, while others view it skeptically as superstition.

Will the information I provide about me be kept private?


We take your privacy seriously. Any information you provide is kept confidential and used solely for creating your child's astrological report. We never share your personal details with strangers.

How can I best prepare my child for success using this horoscope report?


The horoscope report can offer insights into your child's strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to nurture their talents and address areas that may need improvement. It's a tool for better understanding your child, not a guarantee of success.

Does the Report work for kids of all ages?


Yes, the report can be generated for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. However, the insights may be more relevant as the baby grows and their personality traits become more pronounced.

Do LifeGuru astrologers provide children with Rashi names?


LifeGuru astrologers typically provide information based on the child's birth chart, including their zodiac sign or Rashi. However, the final choice of a name is a personal and cultural decision.

Is childbirth prediction possible in Kundli?


Yes, Kundli or birth charts can provide information about a child's potential traits and tendencies based on the positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth. However, it doesn't predict specific details about the child's birth itself.

What number of pages is the report?


The length of the report can vary depending on the depth of analysis. Typically, it can range from 40+ pages to a more comprehensive report, providing detailed insights into different aspects of your child's personality.

Why does it take 36 hours for my Report to arrive?


Generating a personalized astrological report requires time and care. Our astrologers take 36 hours to carefully analyze the data and create a report that provides valuable insights for your child.

Do you offer refunds?


We don’t have a refund policy now as our experienced astrologers have given their valuable time and efforts to analyze your kid’s birth chart. If you're not satisfied with your child's astrological report, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Why should I believe reports from LifeGuru?


LifeGuru employs experienced astrologers who use established astrological principles to create reports. While astrology is a belief system, many individuals find value in the insights provided by astrological reports.

Can astrology predict a C-section or a regular birth?


No particular information on the type of delivery—whether a C-section or a natural birth—can be acquired from astrology. Rather than astrological effects, medical causes and conditions dominate birth-related events. With the help of the LifeGuru app, you can create a child astrology report after the baby is born based on the date and time of birth.

Does Your Child's First Astro Report contain future projections based on a timeline?


The report typically focuses on your child's current traits and tendencies. It may offer some general insights into potential future developments, but it's not a tool for making precise future predictions.

I have twin babies. Will the forecasts in both of their astrological reports be identical? If yes, why?


While twins may share certain traits due to their similar birth times, their astrological reports can still differ. Small differences in planetary positions can lead to variations in personality and life experiences as they grow. Though LifeGuru team suggests you create one astrological report because almost identical twins have minute differences in the birth charts.

We explain the astrological system to the modern parent.


Astrology is like a special code that helps you understand yourself and your kids better. Imagine it's like a secret language of symbols in the sky. When a baby is born, we make a 'birth chart' to see where the planets are at that moment. These planets represent different parts of the baby’s personality and life.

Here are 12 zodiac signs, and they each have unique traits. It is because of where the sun was when you were born. It's a bit like how different fruits have different flavors.

Planetary aspects are like how planets talk to each other. It can affect your child's life and how they feel. So, use astrology responsibly to learn more about your kid and have fun with it!

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