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Welcome to LifeGuru, your trusted destination for accurate and reliable astrological services. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating world of Kundli matching and how it can help you find a compatible life partner. Discover the art and science of Kundli matching and its significance in shaping the foundation of a blissful and enduring marital journey.


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What is Kundli Matching?

Kundli matching, also known as Kundli Milan, is an ancient practice in Vedic astrology that helps assess the compatibility between two individuals before marriage. It is an essential aspect of Indian culture, where people believe that the positions of celestial bodies at the time of their birth influence their lives and relationships.

In Kundli matching, astrologers analyze the birth charts of both individuals to determine how well their stars align. The process involves comparing various factors, such as the positions of planets, houses, and zodiac signs, to gauge the potential for a harmonious and successful marriage.

The primary goal of Kundli matching is to identify any potential challenges or doshas (afflictions) that may arise in the relationship. The astrologer assigns points, known as Gunas, to each aspect being analyzed. These Gunas are then totaled to arrive at a score, which gives an overall picture of the compatibility between the two individuals.


How is Kundli Matching Done?

Kundli Matching is performed using the "Ashtakoota Milan" method, which involves evaluating eight Gunas that are critical for a successful marriage. Each Guna represents different aspects of the relationship, such as temperament, physical compatibility, financial prosperity, and more. The total score obtained from the matching process helps astrologers gauge the overall compatibility of the couple.


What are the Gunas in Kundli?

The Gunas in Kundli are crucial elements that help astrologers determine the compatibility between two individuals for marriage. Each Guna assesses a specific aspect of the relationship, such as personality, physical compatibility, emotional connection, and overall well-being. A higher total score(maximum could be 36) indicates a more harmonious match, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and enduring marital journey. Remember that Kundli matching is a valuable tool, but communication, understanding, and mutual respect play vital roles in the success of any marriage. Let's explore the significance of Gunas in Kundli and how they impact the compatibility assessment.

  • Varna (1 Guna): Varna represents the spiritual compatibility between partners. It indicates how well the personalities and beliefs of the couple align. A harmonious Varna score suggests that the couple will have a deeper understanding and respect for each other's values and roles in the relationship.
  • Vashya (2 Gunas): Vashya refers to the level of control and influence one partner has over the other. A favorable Vashya score indicates a balanced relationship where both partners have an equal say and mutual respect. It promotes a nurturing and caring bond between the couple.
  • Tara (3 Gunas): Tara Guna assesses the health and well-being of the partners. A higher score indicates a positive impact on each other's health and longevity in the relationship. It also reflects the influence of the celestial bodies on the couple's overall well-being.
  • Yoni (4 Gunas): Yoni represents the physical and emotional compatibility between partners. A favorable Yoni score indicates a deep emotional connection and satisfying intimacy. It contributes to a strong bond and affection between the couple.
  • Graha Maitri (5 Gunas): Graha Maitri evaluates the planetary friendship between the Moon signs of the partners. A higher score signifies emotional harmony and understanding. It indicates how well the couple can support and comfort each other through life's challenges.
  • Gana (6 Gunas): Gana signifies the temperament and nature of the partners. It determines whether they share similar qualities or have complementary characteristics. A compatible Gana score indicates that the couple's personalities are well-matched, leading to fewer conflicts.
  • Bhakoot (7 Gunas): Bhakoot assesses the influence of the Moon signs on each other. A favorable Bhakoot score indicates emotional harmony and a strong emotional bond between the partners. It also reflects their ability to empathize and support each other.
  • Nadi (8 Gunas): Nadi represents the health and genetic compatibility between partners. A higher Nadi score suggests a better chance of a healthy and prosperous relationship. It is crucial for the well-being of the couple and their future generations.

Data on How Many Kundlis Has LifeGuru Matched

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, LifeGuru has successfully matched over 100,000 Kundlis to date. This significant milestone reflects our dedication to providing accurate and insightful Kundli matching services to our valued clients. Our vast database of matched Kundlis further reinforces the trust our users place in our platform.

Kundli Matching and Horoscope

Can we marry if Kundli for marriage does not match?


Yes, marriage can still occur even if the Kundli matching does not result in a perfect score. Kundli matching provides insights into compatibility, but it is not the sole determinant of a successful marriage. Many couples with some Gunas mismatched have happy and harmonious relationships. Communication, understanding, and mutual respect are essential factors that contribute to a successful marriage.

How many Gunas should match in Kundli Milan for marriage?


In Kundli Milan, a total of 36 Gunas are considered. A higher number of matching Gunas is generally considered favorable for a marriage. A score of 18 or more out of 36 is considered acceptable, indicating a moderate level of compatibility.

Can Kundli matching for marriage guarantee a successful marriage?


Kundli matching provides insights into the potential compatibility between partners, but it cannot guarantee a successful marriage. Success in marriage depends on various factors, including mutual understanding, love, respect, and effort from both partners.

Is Online Kundli Matching For Marriage Reliable?


Online Kundli matching for marriage can be reliable if the platform is reputable and employs experienced astrologers. Accuracy depends on the quality of the algorithms used and the authenticity of the astrological interpretations.

Two Primary Methods for Matching a Boy and Girl's Horoscope


The two primary methods for matching horoscopes are "Ashtakoota Milan" (matching eight Gunas) and "Kuta Milan" (matching 36 Gunas). Ashtakoota Milan is more commonly used.

Remedies for Couples in Love Whose Kundlis Don't Match


Couples in love can consult with astrologers for remedies to mitigate the effects of any doshas or incompatibilities in their Kundlis. Remedies may include performing specific rituals, wearing gemstones, or chanting mantras.

Mangal Dosha and Its Effect on the Possibility of Marriage


Mangal Dosha is an astrological condition caused by the placement of Mars in specific houses in the Kundli. It is believed to affect marital life and can be neutralized through certain remedies.

Can We Read Our Own Kundli?


Reading one's own Kundli requires a good understanding of astrology. While some basic aspects can be understood, it is best to consult with an experienced astrologer for a more comprehensive analysis.

Is 36 Out of 36 Guna Match Good or Bad?


A score of 36 out of 36 Gunas indicates a high level of compatibility between partners, which is generally considered very favorable for marriage.

How to Find Kundli by Name?


Kundli is primarily generated based on birth details, including date, time, and place of birth. Finding Kundli by name alone may not be accurate, as birth details are essential for an authentic birth chart.

Can Kundli matching for marriage be done without birth time?


While Kundli matching is more accurate with birth time, astrologers can use alternative methods like Prashna Kundli to perform matching without the birth time. However, the accuracy may be limited.